Kick Espresso

Italian Espresso

Our Classic Italian Espresso Caffe Blend, Rich Thick Lingering Crema, Full Body, Sweet Smooth Finish, High Caffeine Espresso, Medium Dark Roast.

Finding Kick

strong coffee kick brand

 Kick Coffee is no longer available on Amazon but is still produced for wholesale clients for higher caffeine coffees. 

Kick Brewed

Dark Roast High Caffeine Coffee

Dark French Roast, High Caffeine Coffee, Rich Bold Strong Intense, Classic European Blend, Very Dark Chocolate Tones, Velvet Finish, Brewed/Espresso.

Kick Coffee

Kick Coffee Reviews

Americans return from trips to Europe and rave about the great coffee they tasted. The memory of that taste is permanently etched in their mind and often refer to it for the rest of their life.

What they experienced was classic Italian coffee. It takes just the right combination of special select coffee beans, just the right roasting techniques, and cupping expertise to recreate what Italians take for granted.

Besides the high quality of the coffee beans, part of the reason they liked it so much is because is they got a nice "buzz" from the higher caffeine content. We prefer to use the term "Kick".

It is not simple. Classic Italian coffee has a unique blend of very special, select high grade coffee beans from both "Coffea canephora" and "Coffea arabica" species of coffee. The former has a much higher caffeine content. Simply put Italian coffee is really great coffee and has a higher caffeine content than typical American coffee.

Many American elitist coffee snobs will scoff at using any high caffeine robusta in a blend. No matter, let them scoff. The Italians learned centuries ago what it truly takes to create memories that last a lifetime.

Kick Coffee™ is a trademarked brand and subsidiary coffee business of Specialty Java Inc., (Founded 2002) and is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, The Roaster's Guild, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade USA and Slow Food USA. Specialty Java Inc. produces several popular control brands (Jo Coffee®, Kick Coffee™, Specialty Java, Eco Sense Coffees) and many private label coffee brands of gourmet specialty coffee in three separate roasting facilities, utilizing state-of-the-art private labeling systems. We offer a variety of custom roasting/packaging options. The Jo Coffee®, Kick Coffee™ and Specialty Java brands bagged coffee lines are are produced in our smallest, hand-crafted, artisan micro roastery.

Founder Kevin Kapaun's passion for coffee excellence had roots in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica in the early 1980's. Tasting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, his vision was created to import exclusive coffee beans from around the world. Kevin's hobby of importing and roasting coffee in the late 1990's for friends and family was headed for something bigger. Kevin shared some pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee he roasted with his friend Larry Graham, (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame bass player for Sly & the Family Stone) who then encouraged Kevin to start a coffee roastery. He was his first customer and the rest is history, as they say.

Kevin finds reading the passionate testimonials sent in by clients extremely gratifying. Knowing he has literally helped put a smile on the face of many thousands of clients across the USA when they sip the fruits of his art, brings him a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. He feels the opportunity to do something in your life that you truly love, is the best reward of all.

Perfecting Kick

We purchase only from the top 2% of all green coffee worldwide through direct sourcing and through the dedicated team of cupping experts.  Before we ever purchase our specialty beans, they have passed the expert analysis and cupping tastes of our team of experts. We strive for coffee perfection in every hand-crafted artisan roast. We continually experiment with new blends, roasting profiles, and search potential coffee varieties for addition to our offerings.


  • 1 “Wow is right. Great flavor, strong but not bitter.” (Mart Graham, Amazon Customer)

  • 2 “Bold but elegantly smooth.” (J Breneman, Amazon Customer)

  • 3"The absolute best coffee I've found anywhere.” (P. N. Marchetti, Amazon Customer)

  • 4 “Beautiful flavor, extra caffeine.” (Julie Pierce, Amazon Customer)

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